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Social Media ‘Go ‘Round’

Recently someone who is skilled in the inner-workings of what goes on in social media circles asked me a very telling question. She asked, “Do you believe the vast majority of the authors posting things about their books ever go to to buy someone else’s book? or Amazon? or even go to the bookstores like Barnes and Noble? Do you think they actually take the time to buy the other books that are talked about over and over on social media areas?”

I sensed it had been one of those days for our networker. Possibly, she had spent a day attempting to get marketing images and verbiage, plus their purchase links to work perfectly. Perhaps the work that day had been more time consuming than normal. This social media admin asked, “Do you suppose all of these postings are really just there to boost the ego of the author? The cover makers? The editors? Or, even the publishers?”

“Wow!” I answered. “Yes – so much to think about… the egos – hence I get my balance with my site – with positive thinking, good thoughts and caring people who are not only looking to sell or buy anything. As far as Entry Way Publishing and Digi-Tall Media goes, though – we do have more sales when you’re marketing than we do when you’re not. Do I have an actual count? No – but I have a pie chart that our accountant studies to see if the outgo matches up better with income and he’s not screaming at me or having extra meetings with us. This to us means: ‘that if it isn’t broken now, let’s don’t stop marketing in social media circles. Does everyone pitching their books sell books? No I’m positive they do not. Does everyone enjoy seeing books talked about and marketed? Absolutely, they do. Everyone enjoys seeing literature alive.”

Still, all of our marketer’s thoughts came about from an astute eye for detail. She had seen the same post over and over again in various groups, with the same people clicking ‘like’. Do you suppose the person clicking ‘like’ is doing so because: a) they know the author? b) the book cover catches their eye? c) the type of book it is seems like something they will want to read? or d) they are being paid to click ‘like’?

Does the answer to the above question matter? I will answer this question by sharing with you one of the driving motivators for me to become a publisher who works one-on-one, side-by-side with authors is because it is my belief if you cannot find an author willing to devote that sort of time into his/her own writings, then the interest from others will not come easy or as solid. There will be a missing link.

Authors who prefer to sit back and watch others work hard to shoot their book up the charts on reviews or ‘likes’ or even ‘re-tweets are at least trying and quite frankly, I want them to keep trying to sell books – their own and those of others. So I say: “Let’s stay with the system but the system needs a dedication on behalf of all writers across the board. Everyone could make a commitment to ‘pay it forward’ – buy one book per week, if you can afford to do so; and buy two, if that is doable. If you need to buy one a month, just commit to care about all writers and not just your own book. Take the time past clicking ‘like’ or making a quick comment and follow the link to see if it’s something you would like to read. If the book is not for you, do not be discouraged, there are hundreds, if not thousands, coming up behind that one.

In my professional opinion, more books would be viewed and purchased if the postings had a bit of time lapse between putting them on/in new groups. Take the time to rewrite your post to appeal to a different audience. Most books have more than one theme (hopefully). At least take the time to change the wording in some way or another, even if you only rewrite one sentence.

Lastly, it is my belief that to sell books (and isn’t that truly why we are all posting on social media?) always remember to put the link to where the book can be purchased. For authors who give their book away for free – think deeply about this – are you doing this for your ego? Just to get comments? Or are you interested in branding? Getting your name out there while you write another book? All of these answers are real and it is only important for you to know your own truth.

The greatest chance to sell books is to take the time to create a small trailer that contains visuals – one that shows a reader even more about the book’s content. Be careful that the trailer does not misrepresent the book. If you do not pay close attention, you could be causing sales to pass you by instead of clicking ‘buy’.

“Buy Now” – study your postings and do a study of how many purchases happen as a result of an hour spent posting in groups such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, etc. What are your percentages? Learn the history of your own book. One such example would be our author, William Scalin – who spends hours each day investing time selling “The Herd from 93rd”. This time is golden. Plus, his book is selling. Bill is a true example of ‘the crowd is talking about his book’.

Need help with anything you have read here today in our blog? We would be glad to assist you. The publisher would be happy to assist in all areas of publishing. Please email and in the regarding quote “blog question” so that we will be able to track our own social networking avenues.

Have a great week – remember to invest in your own book, view information about other books and stay positive. At the end of the day, take time to smile and keep ‘the book world’ alive and well.

VicToria Freudiger
Publishing Director
Digi-Tall Media and Entry Way Publishing

3 thoughts on “Social Media ‘Go ‘Round’”

  1. Your ever-present positive attitude is invaluable, VicToria, to all of your authors. You are so correct… people DO love books and always will. Authors will continue to write…and hope that someone reads their words and absorbs them….so we will continue to write, and market our books, and buy each other’s writings….and the world will be a better place! Thanks for being there, Mz Editor Shepherd!

  2. Great post, we’re all in the same boat, we don’t have name recognition. I never knew there were so many people writing books with recognizable names. Now wives and husbands are taking advantage of their spouses names amd are getting on afternoon talk shows. We have to help each other out. Write a review for another one of our authors.Book promotion isn’t done by remote control, you have to work at it.
    I wrote my book as i wanted the world to know about my friends and family. Without tons of money or name recognition I turned to the internet where there is a wealth of information. You can call your local newspaper as well as your former home town and ask for a book review. All they can do is say no.

  3. I totally agree. We have a target audience when we write, and self promotion we must do at all times to get it out there. I read posts or reviews on new books and then delve into that book to see if it is something for me to read. I don’t go out and hit ‘like’ on everything or if it does not appeal to me. I have given my books away for promotion but only to certain people I feel will take the time to read it and actually give me unbiased feedback. Recently I did that and was asked if I had more books for them to read. The market is volatile when it comes to books and there are so many out there then where do we go. I go to the suppliers such as Entry Way, Amazon, and yes Barnes & Noble for books as well as my local bookstores or take note of what someone is reading when you see them with a book in hand.

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