Traditional Publishing vs Self Publishing (Indie) Facts Shares

For the most part of 25+ years *  I have had comments from all sorts of people about publishing via A Traditional Publishing. The pride is there, the passion is there – but I continuously feel anger and bitterness,as well. These traditionally published authors hand out advice to first time authors and advise them in way that are down right sad. New authors are very vulnerable and very naive and to have a mentor or someone who knows a bit about the ‘book work’ tell them not to do anything but wait for traditional publishing is like informing them they need to stop writing, stop believing in their skills, stop believing they will be read (which is the goal, right?) and none is this is needed if their first book is published by a mid-size publisher such as www//

The difference in self-publishing (performing all of the tasks purely by the author) and working one-on-one with a publisher who has been in the business for 25+ years is Digi-Tall Media will first edit your manuscript, format the text when completed to fit the genre, much less if you prefer perfect bound or hardback, and work with your cover designer. They will assign an ISBN and oftentimes, a Library of Congress number to your book and get the amount of  printed copies of your book for you, stock for your events, market some mutually decided upon stock to retailers, and they will keep usually 5-25 copies (again mutually agreed upon amounts) to be sold on our onlines storefront:

After all the above is completed and the final back-porch review/critique is completed — if the author is one that has taken advantage of the one-on-one side-by-side work with the publisher, they will be ready to start their second book and should have learned enough to take their second book to a self-publishing level. This author will be ready to begin their own business because along the way publisher, VicToria Freudiger, enhing as much as she can to eager authors excited about learning the business.

If an author goes the self-publshing route, what can end up happening later is when they do not get the sales they dreamed would come in, money is next spent on all of the services we offer in our packages. The packages we offer contain fees. The fees are not based on or earmarked that they author is paying to be published. This is just not the case. The money goes to services and not publishing. Services in our agreement far surpass anything an author would receive from a Traditional Publisher. These services include: a critique/review of the prologue, outline, and first chapter to see if we are a good fit. If all systems yell ‘go’ – next comes the side-b-y-side, one-on-one edit of the manuscript (fine lined one chapter at a time), after approval of the text galley a print proof is ordered and author another chance to order edits, we format for print and e-Book (usually both are in the agreement), we send business cards and flyers, set up grand book signing events, have social media blasts and then research as many ways as possible to market the book on other social media platforms – all the while, we will notify newspaper, radio station, television media managers, and then finally, we will create a website for the author to sell their book. Of course retailers such as #Amazon comes will all of our agreements, except for “Editing Only”.

Marketing through the social media outlets is a specialty of Digi-Tall Media: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and LinkedIn. We are always ready and open-minded about learning new ideas so keep that in mind as well. If you are an avid fan of any of these social media areas and are using your skill with them, please let us know as we are usually in the market for partners as far as social media is concerned.

Because Digi-Tall Media believes there ‘really’ are no ‘competitors’ we are sharing a link regarding this very subject. The information on the other end of this link is information, easy to read and believable as well.


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