Wilhelmina’s Christmas . . . a Surprise Gift

Christmas Holiday Time is such the perfect occasion to come out with new literature for children. Each and every year for quite some time now, Elga Haymon White, has written something special and magical for the ‘little ones’ to enjoy. This year is no different! We present “Wilhelmina’s Christmas . . . A Surprise Gift!”

Elga’s delightful e-Book is unusually crafted in all red/white illustrations created by Linda T Phillips of Digi-Tall Media. Also it is available for $5.99 @¬†https://story-e-books.com/shop/wilhelminas-christmas-a-surprise-gift/.

After grabbing a copy of “Wilhelmina’s Christmas . . . A Surprise Gift!”, please return to the storefront and leave comments/reviews. Thank you – and Happy Holidays from Digi-Tall Media and Story-e-Books.com.

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